What is Coumadin Clinic?

Coumadin Clinic is designed to assist providers and their patients who take the anticoagulant drug known as Coumadin, also known as Warfarin.

In the clinic, we assist patients with:

  • Drug use and its interactions with other drugs and foods
  • Explain patients why they are taking it
  • Side effects of the drug
  • Importance of monitoring the drug level on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Other essential aspects of Coumadin.


  • No special preparation is needed. Each follow-up visit takes approximately 15 minutes.
  • Take your Coumadin as directed by your physician or the clinic nurses.
  • Do not self-adjust this medication.

During the test

  • The nurse will call you.
  • At the beginning of each visit, your blood pressure, heart rate, and weight will be taken.
  • You will be asked questions at each visit about problems or issues that may be associated with Coumadin.
  • The nurse will cleanse your finger with an alcohol swab and perform a quick fingerstick to obtain a small drop of blood (similar to a blood sugar test strip)
  • Within a few seconds, the machine will perform the test and flash the results on a device.
  • You will know the results, and the nurse will discuss any issues.

After the test

You may call the nurses at the clinic if you have a problem related to your Coumadin dose or have symptoms that they have told you to report. If they do not answer the phone, they are with a patient. Please leave them a voice mail message with your name and phone number, and they will return your call.

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